Q. What Is Jagran Play?

Ans. Jagran Play is a gaming destination.

At Jagran Play we are dedicated towards fun and engaging games and contests. Players can enjoy playing online skill games and win real cash. We focus on providing users with the best gaming experience. Jagran Play is a secure platform where users can earn easy money by playing skill games online.

Q. Can I play for free on Jagran Play?

Ans. Yes you can enjoy FREE ENTRY games on Jagran Play.

Q. What is the difference between Cash Balance and Jagran Coins in Jagran Play wallet?

Ans. As the names suggest Jagran Coins is a credit balance awarded to the players on performing various activities on Jagran Play, Players can use these Jagran Coins to play games but this amount can not be withdrawn from the wallet.

AND Cash Balance can be won by the player on Jagran Play. This Cash Balance is withdrawal.

Q. How can I Earn Free Jagran Coins on Jagran Play .

Ans. Jagran Coins is a credit balance awarded to the players on performing various activities on Jagran Play, Players can use these Jagran Coins to play games and Win Real Cash that will be added to your cash balance but Jagran Coins can not be withdrawn from the wallet.

You can earn Jagran Coins by:

1. Refer your family and friends to Jagran Play

Once your family and friends have registered on Jagran Play using the link that you share (that includes your referral code) you will earn Free Jagran Coins.

2. Play Free Games on Jagran Play

When you play FREE TO PLAY GAMES on Jagran Play you will be rewarded with Free Jagran Coins.

Q. Can I Earn Real Cash using Jagran Coins on Jagran Play .

Ans. Yes you can use Jagran Coins to enter games and win Real Cash. Your winnings will be added to your cash balance.

Jagran Wallet

Q. What is Jagran Wallet?

Ans. Jagran wallet is an in game wallet that contains your Cash Balance & Jagran Coins. All of your real cash winnings will be credited and shown in “Cash Balance”. Any earnings and spends related to Jagran Coins will be shown in “Jagran Coins”. The Jagran Coins balance can be used to play Tournaments, Quiz Games, and Skill Games on the website.


Q. How do I get the money won on Jagran Play?

Ans. Receiving the money won on Jagran Play is easy. When you win any money from the games, the winning amount shall be credited to your Jagran Play Wallet balance immediately. You can check or withdraw the same from the 'Cash Balance' section any time.

Q. Are there any withdrawal charges?


Q. How to withdraw money?

Ans. Jagran offers a very user friendly redemption process. You can redeem your funds anytime you want. Amount which the user chooses to withdraw instantly gets deducted from his Jagran Play Wallet and credited to the user’s account/wallet.Steps to put a withdrawal request

• Login to your Jagran account.

• Go to the menu and click on the “Withdrawal” option.

• Select mode of redemption.

• For Online Withdrawals, Select the Financial Wallet you want to withdraw (Example; Paytm, MobiKwik, or any other).

• The maximum amount that you could withdraw without KYC is INR. 9,999/-.

• Enter the amount you wish to Withdraw and click on to Withdraw Money.

KYC is mandatory for withdrawals above INR. 10,000/-

Q. How many times I can withdraw money from my Jagran Play wallet?

Ans. You can Withdraw your cash balance as many times as you want limiting to once per day.

Q. Will there be a fee levied on withdrawal of money from my Jagran Play wallet?

Ans. No fees or penalty on withdrawal until the user is found to be involved in any malicious activity/unfair game play.

Q. What will happen if my transaction gets failed and Funds are not credited to my Jagran account? However, the money gets deducted from my Online account.

Ans. Jagran is a secured site and our technical team works 24/7 so that our user may not get stuck up at any point. In case of any trouble you can always contact our support team (e-mail us at support@Jagran Play) and they’ll guide you from there. Keeping a soft copy of the updated statement of online withdrawal.

The turnaround time for online withdrawals is 5 working days.

Jagran Play

Q. How Many sections of games does Jagran Play have?

Ans. As of now Jagran Play offers three categories of games, which are as follows:

1. Free Games

2. Maha Cash Win Games

3. Instant Games