Win upto 100

Bomb the boxes


Drop correct color bombs to blast the the correct colored objects.

Clear colored objects via your colored bombs on each level, and move to the next level.

Complete various levels and earn your rewards.

Bomb the boxes is a tough nut to crack. The game will take you through a roller coaster ride through every level. You can easily play it on your laptop or your smart phones. As the game will start, all you need to do is to choose the correct color bombs and drop it on the boxes of the same color. If you will miss to drop it on the same colored boxes, it will get piled up creating a hurdle for the chopper to fly. This will lead your chopper to crash hitting the boxes. You have to be really agile and cautious while playing the game as you have to follow the time line as well save your life. The game will keep you on your toes and will not give you an opportunity to even blink your eyes because if you will ‘Miss it’ you will ‘Hit it’.

Bomb the boxes Rules

• The Users should log in or register to play Bomb the boxes online
• The User can only earn Jagran coins if he logs in to play
• The User can also play without login
• Once the game will start, the player has to click or tap on the colored bombs to choose it
• The player has to choose the color of the bomb by looking at the boxes the chopper is flying over
• As soon as the player will click on the colored bombs the bomb will blast the box
• The player will lose his life if he will not be able to follow the timeline
• The player will lose his life if the chopper hit the piled boxes
• With the passing time the speed of the chopper will increase creating more challenge for the player
• The player will have to start over again if he loses his life
• The player will get a maximum of ten chances in a day to play the game.


• Click on ‘Play’ to start the game
• Once the game will get started you will have to tap or click on the colored bombs to choose yours
• The player has to choose the colored bombs while flying over the boxes
• The player has to be very quick in choosing the bombs as the speed of the chopper will increase with the passing of time
• The player has to avoid piling the wrong colored boxes by making sure that the same colored bombs hit the boxes
• The game will end as soon as the player loses his life and will have to start over again.
• The player will earn Jagran coins or cash prize if he crosses the level and continues to be in the game

Bomb the boxes Famous in


• Match the bomb and the box color before clicking
• Be very quick in targeting the boxes
• You can win Jagran coins after each game play

• Click or tap on the colored squares (bombs)

Player Reviews


Playing from Satara / India

Nice game!!!

Rating 7.5

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