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Golden goal


Swipe the ball in the direction of the goal, beat the goalkeeper to score a goal

You have only one chance, try to beat the goalkeeper

Beat the goalkeeper and earn your rewards.

Golden Goal is a very interesting game. If you are a fan of football then this one will surely be going to interest you. It will give you a chance to explore the footballer within you. This game is a simple yet intriguing one that will help you relaxes from the comfort of your home and enjoy at the same time. With each goal, your spirits will move high. All you need to do is to swipe the ball in the direction you want to make the goal and save your football to get caught by the goalkeeper. No need to hurry, as it is one of the easiest ones to play and relax. Play this game on your Android phone or on your laptop and have a blast!

Golden goal Rules

●The User should log in or register to play ‘Golden Goal’ online
●The User can also play the game without login if he doesn’t want to win Jagran coins and play only for fun
●The game will commence as soon as the player will swipe the ball to make the goal
●The player can score a goal by beating the goalkeeper
●The player will get only one chance at a time
●The player can win 10 Jagran Coins after each goal
●The player can play this game 10 times a day as it is a day’s maximum limit for a day


●Click on ‘Play’ to start the game
●As soon as the game will start you have to swipe on the screen in whatever direction you want to make the goal
●You have to make sure that it should not get caught by the goalkeeper
●As soon as you make a goal you will earn Jagran coins and move to the next level
●Continue to play the game till you lose your goal

Golden goal Famous in


Make sure you aim your goal in the other direction where your goalkeeper is standing to save it from getting caught.

To hit the football, swipe on the screen while clicking on the football.

Player Reviews


Playing from Satara / India

Nice game!!

Rating 7.5

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