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Ludo mini


Play your favorite ludo in fast mode as like 20-20 cricket format. Whenever you have short free time you can play this game with your online players.

Get online, find your match and play this fun filled and exciting ludo game.

The first person to move all 4 pieces into the home triangle wins.

We have been a fan of Ludo since ages as it is a game played since generations. Here we bring the online version of Ludo that can be played on your Smartphone. The best part is that it can be played alone or with other players who can play from anywhere as it is online. Surely a jewel among all the games is a perfect way to get rid of boredom and indulge in fun. The game is played with players who choose their respective colors and their winning or losing depends on the dice. All the players have to move ahead covering the boxes and reaching the house of their respective color. Whosoever reaches the house first, wins the game.

Ludo mini Rules

● Users should log in or register to play Ludo online and earn Jagran coins
● User can also play without login but in that case, he will not earn any Jagran coins
● The game will start once the player will tap on the dice
● The player can open the game with any number on the dice
● The player can beat the opponent’s token in the game and send it back to the starting point
● Win extra points every time you beat your opponent’s token
● Win extra points every time you your token reaches ‘Home’
● The player with the maximum points will win the game


● Click on ‘Play’ to start the game
● Once the game will get started the computer will select an opponent for you if you are playing alone
● As soon as you start the game, a watch clock of four minutes will start
● Tap on the dice
● Move your token on the blocks as per the number on the dice
● You and your opponent’s numbers will get added to your score
● Whosoever has the highest total score by the end of four minutes wins the game.

Ludo mini Famous in


● Use all your tokens while playing so that you have more opportunities to beat your opponent
● Distract your opponent by blocking your opponent’s token or getting after the token
● Whenever you get a chance beat the token of your opponent to earn extra points
● Earn extra points by reaching the ‘Home’ triangle

● Click or tap the dice icon to play the game.
● Move each token clockwise from position 1-6

Player Reviews


Playing from Satara / India

Ludo is great game…

Rating 7.5

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