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Spin wheel


Spinwheel is an ultimate fortune making wheel where you can spin away as many times as you want!

Tap to spin the wheel. The more you spin, the more rewards you earn.

Each spins, lets you earn rewards. So keep spinning!

Spin the wheel has been every trade fair’s attraction among the innumerable games displayed there. An exciting game that grabs all eyeballs irrespective of age. It has been everyone’s favorite. The children and the adults both love playing spin the wheel and it becomes a lot of fun when played online. A wheel of destiny that can get you lots of prizes. It is a very simple game that can earn you cash prizes or coins by just spinning the wheel.

Spin wheel Rules

●Users should log in or register to play Spin The Wheel online and earn a Cash prize or Jagran coins
●You can start playing the game by spending 50 Jagran Coins.
●Once the game will start the player can click or tap on the ‘spin’ to rotate the wheel
●You can earn Jagran coins or Cash prizes wherever the arrow on the wheel points.
●The player can spin the wheel ten times a day.


●Click on the ‘Play’ button to start the game
●Once the game will get started you can tap or click on ‘Spin’ to rotate the wheel
●The wheel will stop after rotating and the arrow will point at a particular section that will fall opposite to it
●The player will earn coins or cash prizes wherever the arrow will point
●The player can continue to play till he completes ten rotations as the game will stop automatically after that

Spin wheel Famous in


• Click or tap on ‘Spin’ to rotate the wheel

The Winner will get a Cash Prize or free Jagran points every time the wheel will spin and stop rotating

Player Reviews


Playing from Satara / India

Nice game!!!

Rating 7.5

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