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Tic tac toe


Each player picks a symbol to represent them X's or O's.

Alternating turns each player picks one empty space and writes their symbol in it.

The first player to get three in a row horizontally, wins!

Tic Tac Toe is a simple yet gripping game that is played between two opponents. It is the online version of the game that was played traditionally at home on paper using a pen or pencil. Make it tricky for your opponent and try to place your Cross (X) or circle (O) in a straight line to win your chance. The easiest and faster way to get rid of boredom and add spice to your routine life is with Tic Tac Toe.

Tic tac toe Rules

· Users can play after log in or without log in Tic Tac Toe online · Once the game will start you can tap on the position where you want to place the cross or circle · The player has to stop the opponent to create a straight line · The player will win the game if he forms a straight line with his sign (Cross or Circle)


Click on the ‘Play’ button to start the game Once the game will get started the computer will select an opponent for you The computer will also select a sign for you (Cross or Circle) You can start the game by tapping at the position you want to place your sign Both the opponents will get an opportunity alternatively to place their sign If you or your opponent will be able to form a straight line either in the form of a slanting line, sleeping line or standing line, you will win the game If none of the players is able to form a straight line with its sign then the game will end in ‘Draw’.

Tic tac toe Famous in

The online version of the game is more convenient and fun as you can have full enjoyment without the hassle of carrying any stationary. Play it from anywhere on your smartphone or on your laptop. You just have to place your full concentration in the game while playing or else you can lose the game within no time.

Trick your opponent to form straight lines from two sides at the same time

• Click or tap at the place where you want to place your sign

Player Reviews


Playing from Satara / India

Nice game!!!

Rating 7.5

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