Last knife tournament


Aim and hit the targets. Make sure you watch your targets and also time your hits well.

Compete with real players in real-time for the top score.

Every Game won will get you 1 point. Win as many games you can to top the leader board

Last Knife is a game that will remind you of bull’s eye that has been everyone’s favorite since childhood. It is a hit the target game that will surely keep your excitement high throughout the game. If you want to play a challenging game then, surely give this one a try. The aesthetics of the game is another thing that will bind you to the game. You will get wheels in different designs that will keep you hooked to the target and the game as well. All you need to do is to hit the wheels with the knife. You just need to take care knife should not hit other knives on the wheel. A new game is there for you to enjoy on your smart phone. Just relax, munch some snacks and play the game.

Last knife tournament Rules

● The user needs to Login or Register to play the game and win
● The player needs to spend five (5) Jagran coins to play the game
● The player needs to tap or click on the screen to hit the knife on the moving wheel
● If the player is able to hit the wheel without hitting other knives on the wheel he can continue to play
● The player will lose, and his game will end if his knife hits another knife or the time lapses
● The player has only one life per game
● The player can continue to cross levels if he doesn’t lose his life
● The player can play this game as many times as you want by pressing the ‘Play Again’ button.


● Click on the ‘Play’ button to start the game
● Once the game will get started you can tap or click on the screen to hit the knife on the rotting wheel
● You have to target the moving wheel and hit the knives without hitting other knives.
● As soon as the player will be able to hit the wheel with all the knives the wheel will break into pieces completing the level
● You will move to the next level every time you will achieve your goal and a new moving wheel will appear on your screen

Last knife tournament Famous in


● Try to hit the knives as fast as you can to finish the knives and complete the level
● Avoid hitting other knives by looking for spaces where it is safe to hit the wheel while playing

You can hit the Knife with the wheel by clicking anywhere on the screen.

Player Reviews


Playing from Delhi / India

Nice game!!!

Rating 7.5