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Zombie shootout tournament


Shoot down zombies, as they advance in waves.

Compete with real players in real-time for the top score.

Every Game won will get you 1 point. Win as many games you can to top the leader board

If you want to enjoy a game that is different from the regular online games then Zombie sniper shootout is just the perfect one for you. It’s a unique shooting game where you need to hit the zombies and stop them from approaching the gate. Movies based on zombies are liked these days thus; Jagran came up with this unique shooting game that will keep you entertained throughout. If you fail to reach your target, you will lose the game and then you will have to try your luck all over again. If you are fond of playing online Action Games then Zombie sniper shootout will keep you on your toes. So brace yourself and start playing this fun game with your bucket of popcorn.


●Use should register or login to play ‘Zombie sniper shootout’ to earn points or cash prize
●Zombie sniper shootout is an action game played by one player
●The player has to stop the wave of zombies from reaching the gate by shooting them
●If the player fails to stop the zombies, his/her game will be over.
●The player will score one point if he wins the game
●Your rank will be shown on the leaderboard according to your score.


●Press 'Play Now' to enter the game
●You have to stop the incoming Zombie Waves from reaching the gate shown on the screen.
●The game will start when you will start shooting the approaching zombies
●There are 3 extra features in the game with Gun is Stun Grenades, sniper scope and three bullets fire and bombs
●The player can use the stun grenades that will help in freezing the zombies for some time that will help the player in shooting them.
●The player can use the sniper scope that will help in zooming the screen and will help in hitting the target zombies by having a closer look at them.
●The player can use three bullet fires and make multiple fires in one go by clicking on the icon
●The player can kill lots of zombies at one go by blasting the bombs on them
●The player’s total score will add up after killing each Zombie.
●If the player can't shoot the Zombies Waves, the game is over.
●The player can play the game again by pressing the ‘play again’ button

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●Keep shooting the zombies one by one.
●The shooting should not stop

Zombies can be shot by clicking anywhere on the screen

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Playing from Delhi / India

Nice !!

Rating 7.5

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